Thursday, September 01, 2005

la belle vita~*

I like ice cream. I crave for it but sadly after only a week of indulgance, my waistline began to balloon to that of a young killer whale. Sometimes i do sneak to the freezer for some frozen ice cream.*nyek nyek* and end up with a mixed feeling;theres simply no other word for it - happy! Anyways i took the effort to find out some of the interesting yummylicious flavours in the market. These are among my favourites. Enjoy folks~^^


Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Fudge Covered Peanuts & a Crispy Fudge Swirl
~Ohh i actually like this one; im crazy over nuts therefore i am a nutter.=]


Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow, a Caramel Swirl & Fudge Fish
~this one's interesting really. Wonder why its called 'phish'.=]


A Core of Soft Caramel Encircled by Chocolate & Caramel Ice Creams & Fudge Chips
~this one's really funny actually. im not a fan of caramel but one glance i thought it said 'Karma Sutra'. hehe!


Fudge-Covered Peanut Butter-Filled Pretzels in Vanilla Malt Ice Cream Rippled with Fudge & Peanut Butter
ohh i actually like this one. Still wondering why its called hubby though.hehehe


Macadamia Brittle
~ Ohh my favourite ice cream of all time. Its a little bit too sweet but the flavour's amazing!

6) 31 Baskins' Pistachio Almond
~ I couldnt find a picture for this. A pity really because this happened to be my first
favourite flavour.=]

Will write more later~! In the mean time, enjoy these flavours.=]


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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

dearest Ju~*

Im dedicating today's blog title to Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju; who will be leaving for Ireland next wednesday. I have known her for quite some time now. 3 years plus in fact; but i did have the first impression that she is part of the bossy,popular and not to mention arrogant girls in school; but hsienju proved me wrong; because she is caring and such a joyful person to be around. She exudes an aura of radiance to those around her and she never fails to paint a smile on each and every face around her. In fact, there will be something amiss when you're gone. It wouldnt be the same without you around. I will miss you a lot and hopefully we will still be close friends although we are miles apart. I cherish the times we had and the laughs we had and hopefully somehow, someway that holds a bond to strengthen our friendship. I feel truly lucky to have met such a good friend and i hope our friendship will be as strong till the end of our lives. Pls remember to keep in touch dear. Miss ya heaps. =(


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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

happy bday to me, happy bday to me ~*

I am happy today. Today was a good day. I met up with dear Ju to watch Charlie & the chocolate factory. The seats werent superb but it was great. The show was not too bad. I especially liked

<--------- Johnny Depp as Mr Willy Wonka.

<---------- Ohh this girl is my favourite. Anna Sophia Robb as Violet Beauregarde.

<----------- Jordan Fry as Mike Teevee.

I hated the Oompa Loompas. Everytime they break into a song i fall asleep. Anyway i liked the theme song and all; its by Danny Elfman; the same person who wrote the instrumental song for Spiderman 1 and 2.

Ju and i saw a really nice moripin ring. Im so tempted to buy it but it was slightly small. Not that i cant fit into it but it was a bit difficult to take out. sigh. Maybe i should buy it after all; i dont have a ring in my collection yet. Hey ju i have hoop earrings;2 pairs even; i give you ok!=]

Ju suprised me with a bday prezzie. Thanks so much dearie. Love it! Will miss you so much when you're in Ireland. We must go out again before you leave ok! Mom surprised me with 100 bucks. Cool! She says i can buy anything i want with that money today. Thanks you mom! Later on we went for dinner and then she bought me my fav ice cream cake. Splendid!^^ Liu Hua called and said he was outside my house. Oh no..i was on the way back but still, i asked him if he wanted to wait for me. He said nvm. Anyways i hope you're okay liu hua..i was getting worried about you. Do feel free to give me a call ok!

Im so sorry i had to ffk you , Li Sze. Im really really really sowwie. =( We'll arrange another day ok!


snow fairy at 11:34 PM

Monday, August 29, 2005

i coulda, shoulda, woulda~*

i can safely say that i am not :

1) hallucinating
2) in need of a dose of aspirin
3) sleepwalking

Firstly, my bro Danis is acting really weird. When he came back from college today, first thing he did was he came striding towards me and gave me a bone breaking embrace. I attribute this to the fact that:

1) I just ate a very big piece of his jelly.
2) Tmr is my bday.
3) The chemistry exam has made him lose his marbles.

Either way i was rather pleased with myself. He was unusually nice during lunch; he even offered to share his rice with me. Oddd.

Anyways i will be watching Willy Wonka tmrw! Wow im thrilled. I have a shopping list of all the stuff i am looking for. Accessories shopping with Ju! Whee! Thrilled!

Leongzuewen is at Wales today. Lady, postcard...postcard!=]


Quote of the day ~ i coulda, shoulda, woulda!

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

A hundred winters~*

Yesterday was dear Ju's farewell party. Her party started at around 7 sth to 8-ish. I promised to go there early cos she will be curling my hair with her curling iron*sweat*. Anyway i arrived there late! 6-ish! dear dear but still luckily the party didnt exactly start early. Mostly were relatives. So many small kids!*cute!*A lot of relatives! Her parents welcomed me so warmly. Really she has such nice parents.=]I nodded to all her relatives politely before going into her room.

Her room is the most beautiful room i have ever been in. The Anna Sui inspired colours is the epitome of every girl's dreams. Well, not exactly every girl but im def in that category! The pinkish purplish finish was awesome! Her collection of accessories is spectacular, magnificent; all neatly arranged in a drawer. How i wish i had that many. hehe! Really i need to drag Ju along for accessory shopping! Before she leaves for Ireland.=(

The hair curling session was so funny! It didnt really turn out as 'magnificent' as i had hoped. Perhaps her hair texture is diff-ish than mine. It wasnt horrible but it looked a lil dry. No hairspray so everything turned straight around 30 mins later haha.

Met lotsa ppl there! Lotsa new friends too! All in all i went home at 10-ish. Tired and all but had fun. Gonna watch movie with Ju again next week. Wheee! Cant wait! Ju, gonna miss you heaps when you're at Ireland. Must keep in touch ok!*hugs* =]

Quote of the day~ You dont knw what you've lost till its gone. Ive learnt to cherish those around me......finally.

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Friday, August 26, 2005

Bluebirds fly~*

Recently i have been talking to a certain someone about how you would feel if your best friend is well,
1) prettier
2) sassier
3) funkay-ier

than you.

Cant imagine it right. Lets put it straight. It'll be exceptionally ugly when you two go out although my friend did point out that it would be a pretty sight. To which i pointed out that your better half would be the one attracting all the attention.

Look im not really complaining whatsoever. I dont really care or give a damn of what people think. I honestly,

1) dont believe in all that jazz ... no wait i actually do haha
2) will just grab my sip cup rather than listen to all that caboodling.
3) oh well, at least certain ppl tell me im cute.

So always remember,

1) you are beautiful in your own unique way.
2) if all fails, theres always make up.
3) dont let others put you down.
4) beauty is something that comes from inside. its not what you look like. it comes out in your eyes. beautiful ppl glow. Marlene Deitrich was a beauty.

For all you knw , this could happen. *points to the left* Just look at how much difference make up can transform a person into! =] Pls remember that starlets have all the pampering from professional make up artistes and you should never compare yourself with them.

im still wondering why i chose 'bluebirds fly' as my title. hahaha =]

Quote of the day ~ Beautiful faces are those that wear whole-souled honestly printed there.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

herbie fully loaded~*

Today i went out with Ju to watch Herbie. I checked the papers yesterday and it shows that there is a show at 1 and another at 3.15. But when i went there to buy the ticks, the lady told me "No no theres no show at 1." I was like "What??But it says in yesterday's paper that there is a show at 1!". We wanted to watch Willy Wonka but the only seats available are 2 rows from in front. No no that wont do. So we ended up buying the 2.30 ticks to watch Herbie. We shopped a bit, walked around. Ju bought the stila sheer color tinted moisturiser. Boy was she impressed when i knew the info to all the products at stila.*gleams*=] I bought the lancome juicy tubes in Peche. I really like it.=] Its really yummy and quite value for money. A stila lip gloss will cost Rm85 for 2.4ml but the juicy tubes is Rm65 for 15ml. Quite worth it rite??

After the movie we went to take sticker photos at Dreamland. Oh well, i look zazat in it but still its good for remembrance. Ju's gathering is this Saturday and im still lost at what to wear. I have 2 options i guess. Leongzuewen reckons i should put on make up. I really like the greenish eyeshadow i have and i plan to wear that but that wont go with a pink top. If i do wear a pink top, i plan to wear a purple eyeshadow*really rare..i dun go for purples* with glitter on my eyebrow area to which my mom pointed out that i looked like a witch in it. Oh well, better drop the idea. I still have to get Ju something. Havent thought of anything yet. Will call WenYing and ask her to buy then.

Leongzuewen told me that her friend Melvin saw me at One U just now. Huh??Really? Why didnt he say hie to me? Weird!! As if i will eat him up..><

snow fairy at 8:38 PM

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