Friday, August 26, 2005

Bluebirds fly~*

Recently i have been talking to a certain someone about how you would feel if your best friend is well,
1) prettier
2) sassier
3) funkay-ier

than you.

Cant imagine it right. Lets put it straight. It'll be exceptionally ugly when you two go out although my friend did point out that it would be a pretty sight. To which i pointed out that your better half would be the one attracting all the attention.

Look im not really complaining whatsoever. I dont really care or give a damn of what people think. I honestly,

1) dont believe in all that jazz ... no wait i actually do haha
2) will just grab my sip cup rather than listen to all that caboodling.
3) oh well, at least certain ppl tell me im cute.

So always remember,

1) you are beautiful in your own unique way.
2) if all fails, theres always make up.
3) dont let others put you down.
4) beauty is something that comes from inside. its not what you look like. it comes out in your eyes. beautiful ppl glow. Marlene Deitrich was a beauty.

For all you knw , this could happen. *points to the left* Just look at how much difference make up can transform a person into! =] Pls remember that starlets have all the pampering from professional make up artistes and you should never compare yourself with them.

im still wondering why i chose 'bluebirds fly' as my title. hahaha =]

Quote of the day ~ Beautiful faces are those that wear whole-souled honestly printed there.

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