Wednesday, August 31, 2005

dearest Ju~*

Im dedicating today's blog title to Kathryn Koh Hsien Ju; who will be leaving for Ireland next wednesday. I have known her for quite some time now. 3 years plus in fact; but i did have the first impression that she is part of the bossy,popular and not to mention arrogant girls in school; but hsienju proved me wrong; because she is caring and such a joyful person to be around. She exudes an aura of radiance to those around her and she never fails to paint a smile on each and every face around her. In fact, there will be something amiss when you're gone. It wouldnt be the same without you around. I will miss you a lot and hopefully we will still be close friends although we are miles apart. I cherish the times we had and the laughs we had and hopefully somehow, someway that holds a bond to strengthen our friendship. I feel truly lucky to have met such a good friend and i hope our friendship will be as strong till the end of our lives. Pls remember to keep in touch dear. Miss ya heaps. =(


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