Monday, August 22, 2005

herbie fully loaded~*

Today i went out with Ju to watch Herbie. I checked the papers yesterday and it shows that there is a show at 1 and another at 3.15. But when i went there to buy the ticks, the lady told me "No no theres no show at 1." I was like "What??But it says in yesterday's paper that there is a show at 1!". We wanted to watch Willy Wonka but the only seats available are 2 rows from in front. No no that wont do. So we ended up buying the 2.30 ticks to watch Herbie. We shopped a bit, walked around. Ju bought the stila sheer color tinted moisturiser. Boy was she impressed when i knew the info to all the products at stila.*gleams*=] I bought the lancome juicy tubes in Peche. I really like it.=] Its really yummy and quite value for money. A stila lip gloss will cost Rm85 for 2.4ml but the juicy tubes is Rm65 for 15ml. Quite worth it rite??

After the movie we went to take sticker photos at Dreamland. Oh well, i look zazat in it but still its good for remembrance. Ju's gathering is this Saturday and im still lost at what to wear. I have 2 options i guess. Leongzuewen reckons i should put on make up. I really like the greenish eyeshadow i have and i plan to wear that but that wont go with a pink top. If i do wear a pink top, i plan to wear a purple eyeshadow*really rare..i dun go for purples* with glitter on my eyebrow area to which my mom pointed out that i looked like a witch in it. Oh well, better drop the idea. I still have to get Ju something. Havent thought of anything yet. Will call WenYing and ask her to buy then.

Leongzuewen told me that her friend Melvin saw me at One U just now. Huh??Really? Why didnt he say hie to me? Weird!! As if i will eat him up..><

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