Sunday, August 28, 2005

A hundred winters~*

Yesterday was dear Ju's farewell party. Her party started at around 7 sth to 8-ish. I promised to go there early cos she will be curling my hair with her curling iron*sweat*. Anyway i arrived there late! 6-ish! dear dear but still luckily the party didnt exactly start early. Mostly were relatives. So many small kids!*cute!*A lot of relatives! Her parents welcomed me so warmly. Really she has such nice parents.=]I nodded to all her relatives politely before going into her room.

Her room is the most beautiful room i have ever been in. The Anna Sui inspired colours is the epitome of every girl's dreams. Well, not exactly every girl but im def in that category! The pinkish purplish finish was awesome! Her collection of accessories is spectacular, magnificent; all neatly arranged in a drawer. How i wish i had that many. hehe! Really i need to drag Ju along for accessory shopping! Before she leaves for Ireland.=(

The hair curling session was so funny! It didnt really turn out as 'magnificent' as i had hoped. Perhaps her hair texture is diff-ish than mine. It wasnt horrible but it looked a lil dry. No hairspray so everything turned straight around 30 mins later haha.

Met lotsa ppl there! Lotsa new friends too! All in all i went home at 10-ish. Tired and all but had fun. Gonna watch movie with Ju again next week. Wheee! Cant wait! Ju, gonna miss you heaps when you're at Ireland. Must keep in touch ok!*hugs* =]

Quote of the day~ You dont knw what you've lost till its gone. Ive learnt to cherish those around me......finally.

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