Monday, August 29, 2005

i coulda, shoulda, woulda~*

i can safely say that i am not :

1) hallucinating
2) in need of a dose of aspirin
3) sleepwalking

Firstly, my bro Danis is acting really weird. When he came back from college today, first thing he did was he came striding towards me and gave me a bone breaking embrace. I attribute this to the fact that:

1) I just ate a very big piece of his jelly.
2) Tmr is my bday.
3) The chemistry exam has made him lose his marbles.

Either way i was rather pleased with myself. He was unusually nice during lunch; he even offered to share his rice with me. Oddd.

Anyways i will be watching Willy Wonka tmrw! Wow im thrilled. I have a shopping list of all the stuff i am looking for. Accessories shopping with Ju! Whee! Thrilled!

Leongzuewen is at Wales today. Lady, postcard...postcard!=]


Quote of the day ~ i coulda, shoulda, woulda!

snow fairy at 6:07 PM

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